10 Years Warranty

Hotel Bed Company MATTRESS - Warranty

All our Mattresses are crafted with Quality Materials and Finest Workmanship. Every mattress manufactured are checked for quality before they are shipped. The warranty applies for a period of 5 to 10 years from the date of delivery. In case of any Manufacturing defect (Given below) within one year of purchase the Mattress will be repaired or replaced with an identical product. And any Manufacturing defect after the first year of purchase, repair or replacement will not be possible. But you will be given a pro-rated credit for purchasing.

P.S: Prorated Credit will be in Form of Credit vouchers will be applicable on Buying any Hotel Bed Company products from our website.

What is covered under warranty?
1. Any sort of defect in Workmanship (stitching)
2. Any damage to Fabric of Mattress and damage occurrence while removing the pvc cover
3. Reduction of thickness of Mattress greater than 2.5 inch will be considered as sagging and the Mattress is considered to be defected.
4. Any physical flaw in mattress causing inside foam material to crack or split upon arriving.
5. Any damage in inner springs of the Mattress.

What is not covered?
1. Improper use of Mattress: Our Mattress is designed to use in a firm surface therefore any problem which occurs due to the improper use of Mattress is not covered under warranty.
2. Rough handling: Use proper scissors to open the packaging do not use very sharp materials which may cause damage to fabrics. This will be not treated under warranty.
3. Damage on fabric: Any cause of damage to Fabric or handle of the Mattress while removing the package of the Mattress.
4. Sagging lesser than 2.5 inch will not be covered under warranty
5. Liquid spoilage in Fabric
6. Smell, Dirt resulting from poor mattress care
7. Exposure to prolonged hot / cold temperature that causes damage to mattress
8. Comfort preference will not be covered under warranty
9. Improper washing of the Cover.
10. Accessories given free for the mattress will not be covered under warranty

There will be a labour and transport charge of SGD$80.00 per service visit per location during the warranty period except for the first six month after delivery.

Contact us directly via on www.hotelbedco.com for almost instant assistance. We might be able to help you from your desktop. Even if we are not able to respond to you immediately, we will attend to you within 2 business days if you leave your name, email and contact number.