Why are Hotel Mattresses so Comfortable

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You may have become aware of the level of comfort that a hotel mattress provides, and for some reason, your usual mattress at home do not give the same experience. This is because, hotel mattresses are built very differently from your mattress at home

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Hotel Mattress Are Constructed Differently
Luxury mattresses for hotels have a different build. The materials used may be similar but it vary in its density, depth, purpose, and overall objective. As a result, a luxury hotel mattress offers much more relief than an everyday mattress might. Below are the elements that set hotel mattresses apart from your standard mattresses:

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Better Support
Hotel mattresses use higher grade innerspring system to support guest of different weight and harsh usage. The innerspring pocket coil system and material used in hotel mattress lasts longer, and isolates motion more.

Higher Innerspring Count
The high innerspring count helps offer maximum comfort as it contours and supports different pressure points. This reduces motion transfer to a bare minimum. Any disruption stays limited to that particular area, and your body feels more at ease as the pressure points have the best balance of comfort and support.

Higher Density Foam
High quality memory foams are present in a hospitality mattress as they need to be durable, comfortable, and contouring. The comfort layer must be long-lasting and temperature-neutral by offering the level of comfort and durability that one expected of a hotel bed. Moreover, comfort layers are uniquely designed with the addition of a Euro top or pillow top.

Many people say you cannot put a price on a perfect night’s sleep. All our products and designs are made and manufactured specifically for the luxury hospitality market. Hotel mattress only